Choosing a right ERP Consultant

Choosing a right ERP consultant is not as easy as it seems or as it can be read. The list of ERP companies is increasing and growing like mushrooms in India and this has created an unwanted and unnecessary competition among ERP’ Companies and Consultants. Most of the ERP companies attract new customers by claiming to provide a paperless environment and a complete business solution, some claim their easy user interface, some talk about their company size, some explain their customers list and some emphasize on their past experience. But what is the most important is usually missed out by the sales team and that is ‘How an ERP can administrate their Business!

The cardinal function of an ERP is to capacitate the business operations and to intensify the communication. An ERP is comprises intelligence and distinctive information of various departments like: Resources/Procurement, Order Processing Inventory Control & Bill of Material Management, Godowns/Warehouse Operations Management, Manufacturing/Production, Salary/Payroll Management, Logistics/Supply Chain Management, Financial Accounts Management, Merchandizing, Maintenance of Point of Sales Management, Business Promotion Activities, Activities Budgets and Approvals, Customer Relation Management, E-Commerce, Buyer 2 Buyer Management, Solutions over Smart phones.

But having such solutions in an ERP doesn’t ensure a success. Then what is needed to decide over an ERP Package? I will share in the next post.



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Amit Kumar Sethi

About author: Hailing from Ludhiana, India, after Post Graduation in Computers and Business Management amit sethi has worked with well known IT Companies and Retail Companies in India. He has been working with an Australian Web Selling company for 3+ years. Amit has attained a Qualitative & Rich experience in ERP Sales, IT Sales, Corporate Sales, Business Development, Sales Planning, Team Management and in Retail Sales & Sales Training. Amit's 10+ years experience makes him Skilled at hard negotiations, planning, budgeting, merchandise management, pricing strategies, employee training, team management, adherence to company standards, client relations. Amit is well Expertise in designing alternate channel partners for achieving the objective of organization. Amit Possess excellent interpersonal, analytical, troubleshooting and team building skills with proven records and ability. Mail amit on:


4 thoughts on “Choosing a right ERP Consultant”

  1. there are many companies in india providing erp solutions. but, one has to be smart while choosing an erp solution for their organization. it all depends upon the organization’s business type as amit mentioned in his blog above.

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  2. we r a hosiery items manufacturers. we have checked and used many software like logic, nuron and local based softwares also.
    in some software we were unable to punch our data and software company rigidly said no to improve/customise the requirements. some software companies stopped theirs business.
    we paid a lot of amount. but not got a good software package for us.
    same happened with one of my friend in tripur also.
    is there any specialized software solution for our sector?

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